A Story of Embracing Safety Using Technology

This is an excerpt and personal note from one of HoistCam by Netarus’ staff that highlights his experience interacting with the material handling community – especially working with technology around really dangerous working environments.  We thought it is important enough to share across all of our media channels and share Greg’s personal notes with the communication.  You can start reading it below or continue with the rest of the post on LinkedIn.

A few weeks ago I got a call from a safety consultant asking for some supporting information. There had been an incident at a port with some mobile heavy equipment, and he wanted to know if our camera operator aids could have prevented this. The obvious answer is yes, they could have. 

As he elaborated on some of the details, he introduced me to some terms I had never heard of. Proactive and Reactive Safety. It was one of those Homer Simpson “slap your forehead” “doooh” moments. I had always thought in terms of prevention and dealing with an issue after the fact, but to have two words describing the attitude and behavior of a company safety culture were, well, “doooh”!

For those unclear as to what this might mean, let me elaborate. Sadly, up until recently, many of the inquiries we received were reactive. There had been an incident on the jobsite. Something got damaged, someone got hurt, or worse, someone got killed. Whether because of poor communication between riggers and heavy equipment operators and/or they could not see what was happening under their hook or blind spots. There was an incident, and the toll for that in materials, time lost, and worst of all, human damage, had to be paid.

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