Real-Time Remote Site Monitoring Made Possible with HoistCam™ Director Remote Enterprise Software


Automation and technological innovation has been at the forefront of development due to the advantages it has offered to various industries, especially the industrial, construction, and marine industries. Let’s look at how the remote monitoring aspect has been improved to increase productivity, efficiency, and quality of work being performed. Product Overview The HoistCam™ Director Remote Enterprise Software is an all-in-one … Read More

Improved Durability and Reliability through HoistCam Armored Dome Wireless Camera (HC-180)


The rapid urban infrastructure development has come as a welcomed trend for construction companies, builders, and architects alike. However, the increased number of projects has resulted in the crews working under the constant stress of meeting deadlines and finishing projects at the earliest. Consequently, this has resulted in a rise in the number of crane accidents occurring on construction sites. … Read More

Crane Operation Made Convenient and Safe with HoistCamTM Low Profile (HC-140)


Construction sites can be classified as ticking time bombs. A slight error, miscalculation, and lapse in concentration can result in an accident that can damage or destroy on-site equipment and structures, and can even wound and fatally hurt the construction workers present on site. Out of all the heavy equipment used on a construction site, a crane is one such … Read More

Safety benefits of using cameras on cranes and heavy equipment

HoistCam Safety

Heavy equipment and Cranes are practically important pieces you get to see on several construction sites. Recently, technological advances have been made in heavy equipment hardware by the introduction of cameras; the communication system used to coordinate the crane operator’s actions with other craftsmen is gradually being linked with these technological advances. When operating heavy equipment like cranes, bulldozer, forklifts, workers … Read More

Using GoPro Camera Systems with Heavy Equipment

HoistCam Safety

Anyone who has ever spent time on a construction site or seen cranes in action can imagine the many problems that can arise for a crane operator. One such issue is the lack of line of site for any part of a lift. Often, the crane operator cannot see the cargo that he or she is moving. Whether it be … Read More