HoistCam by Netarus to be Featured at the World’s Largest Trade Fair in Munich, Germany

HoistCam by Netarus at Bauma 2022

 The team from HoistCam™ is traveling to Munich to demonstrate their ground-breaking technology increases safety and productivity on material handling equipment.  See them in Booth C4.732 in the Main Exhibit Hall

September 15, 2022, Norfolk, Virginia— The HoistCam™ by Netarus team is thrilled to confirm that they will be at Bauma 2022 in Munich, Germany. The group is pleased to participate in the 33rd edition of the World’s Leading Trade Fair for Construction Machinery, Building Material Machines, Mining Machines, Construction Vehicles, and Construction Equipment. The event is slated to take place at the Messe München Trade Fair Center from October 24 to October 30, 2022.

“We cannot wait to go to Bauma this year. No other trade fair in the sector draws as many investors and decision-makers. It’s a major event and we are looking forward to sharing the HoistCam™ technology on a global scale,” said Christopher Machut,  Chief Executive Officer of Netarus.

HoistCam™ by Netarus is a high definition (HD), rugged, adaptable, and quickly deployable wireless camera system that provides a material handling operator with a direct video feed from anywhere on a job site. HoistCam™ can be attached to any ferrous surface with magnets and a safety lanyard, and it can be installed on any heavy equipment, such as a crane, in minutes.

As a result, HoistCam™ provides solutions for increased safety and productivity in a variety of industries, including construction, industrial, marine, and transportation. The platform consists of a portable, rugged camera integrated into a simple and mobile video system, making it a revolutionary innovation with potentially life-saving benefits.

Every HoistCam™, from overhead, construction cranes to oil rigs and container loaders, is built to the highest quality standards. Each HoistCam™ is designed to be user-friendly by increasing situational awareness, reducing accidents, and increasing productivity.

HoistCam™ by Netarus encourages attendees to visit Booth C4.732 in the Main Exhibit Hall to learn more about their state-of-the-art platform and the robust and reasonably priced variety of solutions it offers.

About HoistCam™ by Netarus: Netarus, LLC, based in Norfolk, Virginia, manufactures and sells industrial-grade video monitoring solutions, specifically HoistCam™, that improve employee productivity and workplace safety in the construction, industrial, marine, and transportation industries. HoistCam™, a cutting-edge innovation, offers a variety of small and large businesses a rapidly deployable wireless camera system that places the material handling operator’s eyes anywhere on the job.