HoistCam Announces Optional Microphone Integration

HoistCam with Optional Microphone Integration

June 18, 2018, Norfolk, Virginia, USA.  HoistCam by Netarus is proud to announce the new optional integration of audio monitoring directly from every HoistCam model.  This new feature demonstrated at the North American Tower Crane Conference in Miami Florida this week is an optional capability that enables the viewer or operator of the HoistCam to hear audio directly from the hook block or mounting location of the camera.

“This new audio transmission capability from HoistCam is particularly useful in European and Asian markets.  These job sites typically have limited radios for communication back to the operator on the job site.  Enable the operator to to hear in addition to seeing is a significant aid to increasing a crane operator’s situational awareness, ” explains Chris Machut, HoistCam by Netarus’ CEO.  “As with all crane lifts, standard crane safety practices should always be implemented along with proper visual and audio signals from the rigger to the crane operator.  This additional safety feature will go a long way to ensuring critical lifts can be performed safer and more effectively.”

HoistCam is offering the audio microphone integration with all of it’s standard models including the HC180 Armored Dome, HC140 Low Profile and HC190 Pan-Tilt-Zoom (PTZ).  The feature is available upon request and is an exceptional add-on for those where audio monitoring is critical to performing their lifts.