HoistCam Takes Center Stage at ConExpo 2023: Revolutionizing Construction with Innovative Technology

A successful collaboration with Tadano Global and Exact Crane & Equipment Corporation for a live demonstration allowed attendees to witness the future of safety and efficiency in action.

HoistCam by Netarus was featured at the 2023 ConExpo-Conn/AGG, one of the most influential events in the construction industry. From March 14 to 18, 2023, top brands showcased their latest innovations on a major platform, and HoistCam sparked interest by teaming up with Tadano Global and Exact Crane & Equipment Corporation. The three companies demonstrated HoistCam in an interactive live demonstration, highlighting the incredible safety and efficiency benefits of using the technology on construction sites. Attendees were impressed to witness firsthand how HoistCam can transform the way construction work is approached. The collaboration among these industry leaders stood out at the conference, and it established a positive precedent for future events.

“It was a great experience, and partnering with Tadano and Exact Crane was a wonderful way of coming together to highlight HoistCam in action.” “We received real-time feedback from industry leaders, which allowed us to showcase the full potential of HoistCam,” said Greg Lanese, vice president of business development.

Attendees were impressed by HoistCam and eager to learn more about how it could improve safety and efficiency on construction sites. The HoistCam team reported that attendees responded positively and expressed excitement about how the technology could improve their operations.

Beyond construction companies using tower cranes, the level of interest shown by attendees from a wide range of industries was particularly exciting. The versatility of HoistCam impressed tertiary companies in demolition and paving, and they saw how it could benefit their operations. This brought a lot of awareness to the possibilities of HoistCam, generating interest from a broader scope of industries than ever before and expanding its potential applications.

The HoistCam team not only impressed attendees with their live demonstration but also with their exhibit booth in the main hall. The big-screen display of video footage of HoistCam in action at the Hampton Roads Bridge-Tunnel construction site was a major draw, attracting many visitors who engaged in conversations with the team. The footage, complemented by the live demonstration, added credibility to HoistCam’s capabilities and provided attendees with a direct view of how the technology can be used in the field.

“The energy at the ConExpo was positive,” says Greg Lanese, “and we were thrilled to be a part of it and to partner with such well-known companies as Tadano and Exact Crane.” The industry is rapidly moving towards adopting tech as a means of increasing safety and efficiency, especially as it faces skilled labor shortages. At HoistCam, we believe that technology can help address these issues and strengthen the safety net. “The ConExpo was an excellent venue for us to demonstrate the benefits of HoistCam and how it can assist a variety of companies in meeting their objectives.”

The overall response from attendees at ConExpo-Conn/AGG was overwhelmingly positive, demonstrating a strong interest in the potential of HoistCam to revolutionize construction work. The HoistCam team was delighted to see such a high level of engagement from attendees and is committed to developing innovative solutions to help construction companies achieve their goals. Advanced technology is poised to play a critical role in the future success of the construction industry, and HoistCam is excited to be at the vanguard of this transformative shift.

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