HoistCam HD-Day Launch

A leading technology firm unveils HoistCam HD, a ground-breaking high definition wireless camera system for material handling equipment.

June 6, 2022, Norfolk, Virginia – Netarus, LLC, is proud to present HoistCam, a revolutionary high-definition (HD), rugged, adaptable, and rapidly deployable wireless camera system that provides a material handling operator with a direct video feed from anywhere on a job site. Making the switch to HD is a game changer, especially when it comes to increasing safety and productivity on heavy equipment. Using HoistCam on a crane or any other heavy machinery and equipment not only improves visibility for the operator, but it can also greatly increase safety and productivity for the entire job site.

In addition to offering cutting-edge HD technology, HoistCam installs in seconds by quickly attaching anywhere with magnets and the included safety lanyard. Up to eight cameras can be installed on a single crane (hook block, boom tip, rear of crane, etc.) to eliminate blind spots and provide “around the corner” operator views. 

What’s more, HoistCam operates with a tough 12VDC lithium-ion battery or 12VDC wired power mode for extended shifts, or it can be hardwired into the crane’s power system (24VDC models also available). Riggers can install and remove portable systems in a matter of minutes.

Other significant advantages of HoistCam include:

  • Upgraded circuit boards from standard analog to boards that are specifically designed to transmit a HD signal.
  • Larger high-definition monitors
  • Video out can be easily added to an existing HDMI monitor
  • Stronger signal strength
  • Increased Zoom capabilities
  • INCLUDES: upgraded circuit boards, hardware, software – completely new system except for the shell
  • CAMERA – HD will provide better viewing clarity for crane operators
  • SOFTWARE – Future analytical allows it to potentially be used with external data analytics

Furthermore, HoistCam’s HD technology can be integrated with SiteTrax and Trello Card, making this innovative device a watershed moment that will be a stalwart of the job site for years to come.

“After three years of development,” says Chris Machut, CEO of Netarus, LLC, “Netarus is excited to be releasing the HD version of HoistCam to the market with the same reliability and durability, but with improved vision for the operator and managers on virtually any job site.”

About Netarus, LLC: Netarus, LLC, based in Norfolk, Virginia, was established in 2002. The forward-thinking company is committed to developing innovative and user-friendly solutions by leveraging state-of-the-art technology. The company’s well-known HoistCam HD video system serves a variety of industries, including construction, industrial, transportation, marine, and custom, to name a few. All standard HoistCam systems come with a 5-year warranty, which is unrivaled in the industry. Customers have come to expect the highest level of customer service and support from their HoistCam platform.

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