The low profile HoistCamTM platform comes with day-and-night monitor, one wireless 700TVL camera, safety lanyard, and mounting magnet. The HC140 also includes an internal 10Ah battery pack with optional external battery packs (HC143) for continual operation. All of this comes in a handy transport case.

HoistCam HC140 Gen3 Low Profile

HoistCam HC140 Gen3 Low Profile

Blind lifts for tower cranestelescopic boom cranes and overhead cranes, where line-of-sight is impossible for the operator, are now significantly improved. The wireless HoistCam camera is designed to be an aid to the operator and used where the standard HoistCam may not fit where flexibility is most needed.

Download HoistCam HC140 Gen3 PDF Brochure

The low profile HC140 series HoistCam can be used on various types of cranes and equipment.

HoistCam HC140 is a alternative to the HC180 for placing the eyes of the operator around the load. Safety is increased, and efficiency improved by making instant visual information available anywhere.


  • HC140 – low profile wireless HoistCam with 10Ah internal battery, charger, 9″ monitor and transport case.  Complete turn-key solution!
  • HC140i – low profile wireless HoistCam with no internal battery pack.  Packaged and designed to be wired into power or add-on two external 10Ah battery packs (upgrade to 20Ah available).
HoistCam HC140 Attached to Hook Block

HoistCam HC140 Attached to Hook Block

Optional Upgrades:

Below demonstrates the location of the HoistCam boom tip camera on the boom tip.

Truck Crane - Location of Wireless HoistCam Camera on Boom Tip

Truck Crane – Location of Wireless HoistCam Camera on Boom Tip

All HoistCam systems come with our standard warranty.

Ask about remote access, recording and microphone integration with audio transmitted directly from the camera to the operator.

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