plat1HoistCam HC160 / HC16oi is ideal for applications where needing to constantly change the zoom or focus and when orientation is important.

Note:  The HC180 / HC180i armored dome HoistCam is recommended for most applications.


  • HC160 – “Goose neck” HoistCam with internal 10Ah battery with charger, 9in monitor, video receiver box (VRB) and transport case.
  • HC160i – “Goose neck” HoistCam with no internal battery pack.  Packaged and designed to be wired into power or add-on two external 10Ah battery packs (upgrade to 20Ah available).

Optional Upgrades:

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All HoistCam systems come with our standard warranty.

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Note: Antenna kit is selected based on the type of equipment from HoistCam that is installed.  Direct line-of-sight is required between a HoistCam and the receiving antenna.

Supported Equipment