Video Repeater for HoistCam

HoistCam RPT103 / RPT107 Video Repeater

HoistCam RPT103 / RPT107 Video Repeater

HoistCam RPT103 / RPT107 is a rugged video repeater where line-of-sight between the transmitting camera and receiving Video Receiver Box (VRB) is not possible.  A HoistCam repeater is typically used on a telescopic boom and mounted on the boom tip.  This location allows a HoistCam to be attached to the hook block while the repeater relays the video signal to the VRB in the operator’s cab.


  • RPT103 – Battery powered repeater with 10Ah battery and charger.
  • RPT107 – Wired 12VDC or 24VDC repeater.

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All HoistCam systems come with our standard warranty.

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Note: Antenna kit is not included and selected base on the type of equipment the HoistCam is installed.

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