Technical Bulletin – New Chipset for HoistCam HC140, HC180, HC190 Series

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July 2019: Technical Bulletin – End of Life Announcement

Note: This announcement only impacts new HoistCam orders. It has no impact on current HoistCam platform customers.

Netarus announces the release of a new internal chipset in the HoistCam platforms. As a result, HoistCam has set an end-of-sale date for the HoistCam by Netarus models HC140, HC140i, HC180, HC180i, HC190 and HC190i models. The new HoistCam models will have a newer chipset with enhanced reliability and communication and maintain the same form factor.

The last day to order the affected platforms is August 1, 2019. Customers with active warranty contracts will continue to receive support from HoistCam.

Table 1 lists the platform model numbers affected by this announcement.

End-of-Sale Model NumberProduct Description
HC140Low Profile Wireless HoistCam (Battery)
HC140iLow Profile Wireless HoistCam (Wired Power)
HC180Armored Dome Wireless HoistCam (Battery)
HC180iArmored Dome Wireless HoistCam (Wired Power)
HC190Pan-Tilt-Zoom Wireless HoistCam (Battery)
HC190iPan-Tilt-Zoom Wireless HoistCam (Wired Power)

Table 1.       Platform Model Numbers Affected by This Announcement

HoistCam Platform Migration Options

There are direct replacements available based on Table 2. More details on these models on the site are available at

End-of-Sale Platform Model NumberNew Platform Model Number

Table 2.       New HoistCam Platform Model Numbers

Reason for End-of-Life Announcement

The chipset from our supplier has been deprecated and replaced with a newer chipset.

Backwards Compatibility with New Models

The old HoistCam part numbers (HC140, HC140i, HC180, etc) will not be backwards compatible with the new models (HC145, HC145i, HC185, etc).

Refurbished Units

Customers may be able to continue to purchase HoistCam hardware via the HoistCam Certified Refurbished Equipment program. Refurbished units may be available in limited supply for sale in certain countries on a first-come, first-served basis until the Last Date of Support has been reached. For information about the HoistCam Certified Refurbished Equipment program, please contact your HoistCam sales representative

Service prices for HoistCam platforms are subject to change after the platform End-of-Sale date.

Frequently Asked Questions

Question #1: Can you please boil this down to exactly how this affects our current platforms and what we have to do?

Answer #1: It is only for new orders. It has no affect on your current platforms. Your current platform is still warrantied from the original purchase date against manufacturer defects. If HoistCam cannot repair it, HoistCam will upgrade it at no cost to you if due to a manufacturer’s defect. Please see HoistCam warranty at for more information.

Question #2: What happens if a HC190i camera fails and the customer sends it in for repair under warranty? Will you replace the camera and VRB (video receiver box) together since the new units are not backwards compatible?

Answer #2: Yes. If the failure is due to a manufacturer defect, one of two options are available:

  1. Netarus will repair the HoistCam Platform
  2. Replace the unit with a newer model platform at no cost to the customer.

Please see HoistCam warranty at for more information.

For More Information

For more information about the HoistCam End-of-Life Policy, go to

For more information about the HoistCam warranties, go to

If you have any questions or concerns about this notice, please contact your sales representative or HoistCam directly at or +1 (757) 819-4600.