When it comes to increased safety and productivity on heavy equipment, HoistCam comes into action. Using HoistCam on a crane or any other heavy machinery and equipment not only improves visibility for the operator, but it can greatly improve situational awareness as well, resulting in a reduction in accidents and increased productivity.

Tower Crane

HoistCam is perfect for eliminating blind and distant lifts on a tower crane.  Conveniently attached to the hook block or located on the job site, HoistCam wirelessly, safely, and quickly provides an operator direct line-of-sight with the load and around the job site. Read more >>

Harbor Crane

HoistCam increases the visual capabilities of a harbor crane operator by running HoistCam from the spreader bar or directly in the hull of the vessel. Read more >>

Offshore / Oil Rig / Drilling Rig

Oil and offshore drilling rigs can be very dangerous environments.  In addition to explosive gases, many of the tight areas are difficult to view.  HoistCam eliminates these blind lifts by placing the eyes of the crane operator anywhere on the offshore rig. HoistCam HC170 is rated by the United States Coast Guard (USCG) with Ignition Protection Rating (SAE J1171).  Read more >>

Container Loader

Container loaders can be difficult to maneuver, especially when containers are stacked high on top of each other.  HoistCam eliminates these blind picks by placing the eyes of the operator directly on the spreader bar.  Read more >>

Rubber Tyred Gantry (RTG) crane

RTG cranes leverage HoistCam capabilities by being able to see in and around the legs and the spreader bar on the crane. Read more >>

Straddle Carrier

Straddle carriers use HoistCam around the legs and spreader bar to eliminate the blind lift and allow the operator to verify the area is clear before moving or performing a lift Read more >>

Coil Lifter

Depending upon the model of a HoistCam, the view for the operator can be placed at the top of the coil lifter looking down with the HC100 series.  Another option with the HC200 series is placing the HoistCam at each end of the arms to enable the operator to better align the coil lifter with the coil. Read more >>

Grapple Crane

Often times a grapple crane is used to pick up and relocate scrap.  Placing a camera anywhere near the grapple could damage any camera.  With HoistCam, the operator’s view can be relocated to virtually any location on the job site that is safe from debris, and allow the operator to see in locations that would otherwise be blind. Read more >>

Overhead Crane

Overhead cranes can be located both indoors and outdoors.  HoistCam is designed for either environment giving the flexibility of setting the operator’s view either directly on the crane or position strategically on the job site. Read more >>

Truck Crane

Truck cranes are some of the smallest pieces of equipment that HoistCam supports.  However, even truck crane encounter blind lifts that are difficult to maneuver and require an extra set of eyes to properly position a load. HoistCam provides these extra set of eyes to increase safety and productivity while being easy to relocate between equipment and job sites. Read more >>

Reach Stacker

Reach stackers can be difficult to maneuver, especially when containers are stacked high on top of each other.  HoistCam eliminates these blind picks by placing the eyes of the operator directly on the spreader bar.  Read more >>


One of the most difficult operations is digging with an excavator that cannot see.  These blind digs can be dangerous, especially with personnel often located in the same hole as the excavator is digging.  HoistCam eliminates these blind digs by giving the operator immediate and real-time line of site directly where the bucket is being positioned. Read more >>

Luffing Boom Crane

Luffer boom crane is similar to a tower crane when encountering blind lifts.  The hook block and load is often positioned in a location that is difficult to view the load from the operator’s cab.  HoistCam eliminates these blind and distant lifts and gives the operator direct line-of-sight with positioning and relocating the load safely. Read more >>

Telescopic Boom Crane

HoistCam is versatile enough to be quickly deployed similar to the flexibility of a telescopic boom crane.  HoistCam can be attached to the hook block, boom tip, or even the job site.  This flexibility allows the operator to set his eyes where he needs them to make better decisions and improve safety for everyone on the job site. Read more >>

Locomotive / Train / Rail Car

Use HoistCam to see in front of a rail car being pushed by a train or locomotive.  The monitor can be mounted in a control station or directly inside of the train for the locomotive engineer to see while operating. Read more >>