Netarus brings a wide range of HoistCam cameras that eliminate blind and long distance lifts for heavy equipment. Depending on the use for your project, or the type of equipment, you can select the one that best suits your set of requirements.

Ask about:

  • Remote access and recording transmitted directly from the camera to the operator and/or management.
  • Industrial Series or i-Series for wired in systems or using external battery packs.

HoistCam comes in low profile models (HD147), armored dome models (HD187), ignition protection models (HD177), and even full remote pan-tilt-zoom (HD197).  Wired versions or multiple wide/split screen capabilities with or without internal batteries.

There is a HoistCam model to fit virtually every application.  Contact us if you have any questions about your application.

Recommended Models (Construction, Marine, Industrial and Transportation)

Each of the recommended models listed below Netarus typically keeps in stock and ready to ship after a quality assurance check.


HD187 – Armored Dome HoistCam

(Impact and Rugged Armored Dome)

Exclusive Features:  Armored dome HoistCam for rugged environments.  Can take an impact of up to 20G shock.  Recommended for construction environments where durability is necessary. Read more >>

HD147 HC140_web– Low Profile HoistCam

(Low Profile Installation)

Exclusive Features:  A rugged low-profile 2-part design for applications where camera placement is important. Read more >>


HD197 – PTZ (Pan-Tilt-Zoom) HoistCam

(Remotely from the operator’s cab adjustable zoom, focus and tilt)

Exclusive Features:  Quickly adjust the orientation of the camera remotely from the comfort of the operator’s cab.  Designed in applications where flexibility in changing the field of view immediately by the operator may be required.  Read more >>

HoistCam i-Sereis - OODA Loop - Observe, Orient, Decide and Act

Industrial (i-Series)

(Wired or External Power System)

Exclusive Features:  The Industrial Series, or i-Series for short, is designed for applications where external power and or external batteries may be used. Read more about the i-Series>>

Specialized Models

The specialized models of HoistCam systems listed below are often custom built and represent models that may not be regularly available.

HoistCam HC170 / HC173 Stainless Steel Dome

HD177 – Ignition Protection HoistCam

(Stainless Steel Dome Ignition Protection Rated)

Exclusive Features:  USCG certified Ignition Protection Rated (SAE J1171) tested rapidly depolyable camera system.  NEMA 4x dome enclosure for corrosive environments.  Designed for off-shore applications where ignition protection is required.  Read more >>



HD107 – Wired Single Screen HoistCam

(Wired View of Blind Spots)

Exclusive Features:  HoistCam HD107 is a wired HoistCam used for backup and winch applications. Read more >>


RPT103 / RPT107 – HoistCam Repeater with Battery

(Increased Line-of-Sight on Telescopic Boom)

Exclusive Features:

Battery powered or hard wired (12VDC / 24VDC), a HoistCam repeater increases the transmission capabilities of a HoistCam by repeating the video signal around blind corners. Read more >>

Specialized Software

HoistCam Director Remote Enterprise Software

(Monitor Remotely Over Any Internet Connection)

Exclusive Features:

HoistCam Director includes the ability to record with fail-over to SD-Card or hard drive and remotely monitor one or more HoistCam systems via cellular or wifi, through a single interface. Ask about how data captured by HoistCam Director can be automatically analyzed with Read more >>