HoistCam Factsheet on Industrial Grade Monitoring Solution Factsheet by Purdue University

Chris Machut

Purdue Emerging Construction Technologies

Purdue University’s Construction Engineering & Management creates factsheet about Netarus’ HoistCam. Abstract (from Purdue) Safety and productivity are top priorities for contractors and industrial operations. Improving either makes a company more profitable and competitive. Technology advancements that can do both are important for every company to consider. HoistCamTM industrial-grade video monitoring solutions can improve employees’ productivity and workplace safety in the … Read More

ENR – With an Eye Already in the Sky, Crane Camera Goes Big Data

Chris Machut

February 1, 2017 – From Engineering News-Record (ENR) It started simple enough: a wireless camera mounted on the hook block of a tower crane, allowing the operator in the cab to see the rigger on the ground and the area around the hook. But just a few years later, Netarus’ HoistCam is part of a method to generate point-cloud images … Read More

Interview – With HoistCam From Netarus you can Relax and Monitor Sites From Anywhere

Chris Machut

Christopher G. Machut is founder and chief technology officer for Netarus, LLC, a Norfolk, Virginia based company that manufactures and sells industrial-grade video monitoring solutions, including HoistCam and HoistCam Director. Machut, a graduate of Virginia Tech, is an experienced computer engineer and business developer. Q: Some people in the crane industry remain unconvinced of video monitoring benefits and of reliability. … Read More

Real-time Jobsite Information to Increase Productivity

Chris Machut

Netarus specializes in designing situational awareness platforms for industrial facilities and heavy equipment such as cranes and marine vessels. Netarus engineers and manufactures platforms for some of the most demanding environments and locations. Servicing the community for over a decade, Netarus continues to provide innovative solutions for the internet-of-things and big data and offers significant experience in engineering, manufacturing and … Read More

How to Prevent and Minimize the Number of Accidents and Deaths on Construction Sites

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Members of the labor force who apply their trade in the public and private construction industry know all too well of the risks and dangers they face on a daily basis. A majority of these accidents occur due to a lack of proper training of laborers which results in human error, malfunctioning equipment and machinery, and poor working conditions in … Read More