AIST Featured Article – Steeled for Safety: Visual Aid Technologies to Increase Safety With Material Handling

Chris Machut

This article was originally published in the June 2021 Edition of AIST from INTRODUCTION From a leading steel producer in the United States. The steel producer strives to produce cold rolled coil steel that can meet customer demands for high surface quality and strength while also maintaining safe working conditions for warehouse workers. Cold rolled steel is typically coated … Read More

Three Ways Cameras Make Things Safer

John Craig

Introducing the horror story high schoolers fear: “I heard one time that Krista’s older brother, Jordan, was caught on camera smoking a cigarette before his 18th birthday and the cops showed the footage to his mom and he got grounded and then the principal didn’t let him graduate and then he went to jail. For like a long time.” The … Read More

Improving the safety and productivity of material handling within the steel industry


Due to its nature of work, steel manufacturing requires safe working procedures as workers face many risks on the job. The health and safety of employees should be the top priority for steelmakers since it affects both economic and social factors. Although steel manufacturers have substantially increased their safety procedures over the last decade, many have found it difficult to … Read More

Pros and Cons of Microphone Integrated into Camera on Hook Block


        The ongoing technological improvements in wireless connections and screen quality have made crane cameras even more useful. There can be various accidents and problems arising in a construction site when crane operators perform blind lifts. The operator has limited visibility and relies entirely on the banksmen, riggers, or signallers to instruct them when moving heavy loads … Read More

HoistCam Industrial Grade Housing

Chris Machut

When HoistCam was invented in 2012, many different types of cases were tested.  HoistCam designed the case to meet the varying requirements across marine, construction, industrial and transportation industries. In each of the environments, we would encounter the need for: Durability – the material cannot degrade and if the case were to be damaged, the form of the case would … Read More