What is HoistCam™?

HoistCam™ is a rapidly deployable wireless camera system that provides an operator with a direct video feed from anywhere on a job site.  HoistCam is a rugged camera system that can be installed in seconds on the hook block of a crane to the boom tip or, at the location of the blind lift. Attached to any surface with magnets and safety lanyard, HoistCam improves the situational awareness of an operator by increasing safety and productivity during blind and distant operations.

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HoistCam in the News

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HoistCam™ Platforms

plateformHoistCam™ platforms are specifically designed to increase workers and manager’s situational awareness while operating around cranes and other heavy equipment. HoistCam’s rapidly deployable wireless cameras cameras come in various configurations including quickly adjustable neck (HC160 series) to armored dome (HC180 series) to ignition protection rated (HC170 series), there is a HoistCam platform available to address virtual any industry or equipment.

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HoistCam™ Director – Enterprise Remote Monitoring

HoistCam™ Director is a cloud-hosted remote-monitoring platform for viewing and tracking equipment remotely from anywhere in the world.

HoistCam Director Features:

  • Monitor Remotely from Anywhere in the World
  • GPS Tracking
  • SD-Card, Hard Drive or Centralized Server Recording
  • Enterprise Level Users and Permissions
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HoistCam™ Supported Industries

indexEach HoistCam™ platform is a portable, rugged camera integrated into an easy to use and portable video system. HoistCam has been deployed to a number of different industries resulting in significant safety and productivity gains. The industries for which we have developed customer platforms include construction, industrial, transportation, marine, and even custom. View HoistCam Solutions in Various Industries

HoistCam™ Supported Equipment

equippWhen it comes to increasing safety and productivity on heavy equipment, HoistCam comes into action. Using HoistCam on a crane or any other heavy machinery and equipment not only improves visibility for the operator, but it can greatly improve situational awareness as well,  resulting in reduction in accidents and increased productivity.

Each HoistCam platform is a visual aid tool that increases safety and productivity by eliminating the guess work with blind lifts and distant lifts.  Ultimately, HoistCam enables an operator to make better and more informed decisions around the job site.

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Articles on Safety and Productivity on the Job Site

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