HoistCam is proudly manufactured and assembled in the USA

HoistCam is proudly manufactured and assembled in the USA

Netarus, LLC manufactures and sells industrial-grade video monitoring solutions – HoistCam™ in particular – which improves employee productivity and workplace safety with material handling equipment in the construction, industrial, marine and transportation industries. HoistCam, a rapidly deployable wireless camera system, places the eyes of the material handling operator, such as on a crane, anywhere on the job.

The HoistCam platform suite provides optional remote monitoring, recording and management analytics reporting to operators and site supervisors. Netarus’ HoistCam Director enables centralized monitoring for the job site via HoistCam, other cameras, and even drones. Netarus’ HoistCam SiteTrax.io provides customized and automated reporting capabilities including video records, safety analysis and 3D models.

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“Knowledge of danger is often proof of liability.”

– Chris Machut, CEO, Netarus, LLC (Manufacturer of HoistCam)

From cranes to heavy equipment, HoistCam substantially improves worksite safety while increasing operational efficiency, by eliminating blind and distant operations these operators.

HoistCam Attached to Hook Block of Tower Crane

HoistCam Attached to Hook Block of Tower Crane

HoistCam™ installs in seconds by quickly attaching anywhere with magnets and included safety lanyard.  Up to eight cameras may be installed on a single crane (hook block, boom tip, rear of crane, etc…) to remove blindspots and provide “around the corner” operator views. HoistCam operates with rugged 12VDC lithium ion battery or 12VDC wired power mode for extended shifts or can be hardwired into the crane’s power system (24VDC models also available).  Riggers can install and remove portable systems in minutes.

HoistCam - OODA Loop - Observe, Orient, Decide and Act

OODA Loop – Observe, Orient, Decide and Act

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Want more information about the HoistCam Platform and Ecosystem?  Below is a video focusing on the HoistCam ecosystem.

In addition to providing the crane operator a real-time video feed of blind lifts, all video can be recorded to an integral mobile digital video recorder (MDVR) and archived for future reference in the event of mishaps or insurance claims.

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HoistCam Director™ Enterprise Fleet Monitoring Software

View of HoistCam Monitor in Operator's Cab

View of HoistCam Monitor in Operator’s Cab

View All Work Sites from a Single Application

The HoistCam Director enterprise software allows offsite management and supervisors the ability to monitor all operations in real-time from a desktop or mobile device. All video content is archived and embedded with time and location data using the MDVR. HoistCam Director is highly configurable and able to integrate sensor data that can record and trigger alerts, should sensor limits be exceeded.   The MDVR ties together all of the video feeds and optional sensors together and sends this information back to the central HoistCam Director Server over a wireless 3G, 4G or Wireless Access Point (WAP).

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