HoistCam provides multiple options for grapple cranes and grapple camera systems. A HoistCam system is designed to be easy to install, eliminate blind spots, increase safety, and improve productivity for the crane operator.

HoistCam has been found to reduce incidents by over 90% and increase productivity by 20%+.  Learn more and view the HoistCam Case Studies>>.

Compatible Platforms: i-Series, HD147, HD147i, HD187, HD187i, HD197, HD197i, HD107HoistCam Director

HoistCam grapple crane camera system can be installed anywhere on the job site.  For instance, HoistCam can be located on the side of the hole where the grapple crane is performing a pick.  This positioning enables the operator to see inside of the hole with the aide of a signal person. The camera can be repositioned as needed in a matter of seconds, or be located anywhere else on the job site. HoistCam is stored in a suitcase size transport case that makes it easy to move between sites or relocated with the grapple crane.

In addition, a HoistCam can be tied into a remotely accessible interface to view the camera remotely with HoistCam Director, or even split screened in the operator cab for additional visibility around the site.