Efficient operation with reach stackers is critical in maintaining effective facility operations. Fast, reliable, and safe lifts allow intermodal goods to be delivered intact and on-time. HoistCam reach stacker camera system has demonstrated that it increases the speed of operations while improving safety, through the removal of blind spots during container lift operations.

HoistCam has been found to reduce incidents by over 90% and increase productivity by 20%+.  Learn more and view the HoistCam Case Studies>>.

Compatible Platforms: i-Series, HD147, HD147i, HD187, HD187i, HD197, HD197i, HD107HoistCam Director

HoistCam HC145 Low Profile

HoistCam HC145 or HC145i Low Profile

The HoistCam system offers a unique set-up that allows the operator to view both sides of the container, by mounting multiple cameras on the spreader bar to improve vision during a blind lift. The video is transmitted wirelessly back to the operator, providing a seemless container loader camera system.  HoistCam can be hard-wired directly into the crane’s power, or rechargeable battery packs can be deployed for installation convenience.

Dual Camera system models:

HoistCam Director Remote Access Client

HoistCam Director.  HoistCam Director allows management and operation teams to view the reach stacker location, access recorded video and live video from any reach stacker in real-time, and allow for the set-up geofences for reach stacker to bound areas of operation.

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