HoistCam is used in a myriad industries, from the construction site to industrial level jobs,  including transportation, marine, and custom services. An operator can use a HoistCam anywhere to keep a view of the lift on the screen in front of them. This eliminates the time-consuming, dangerous blind lifts that have been a part of crane operation since it began.

HoistCam Attached to Hook BlockConstruction

HoistCam was first designed for use in construction sites. Now, you can keep an eye on everything and can kick out the blind spots. Simply, install it wherever you find a blind spot e.g. hook block section on the crane and have a view right there in your cabin.



Petrochemical-industrial-plantHoistCam has been a part of myriad industries for a while now. From steel mills and distribution facilities to rail yards and intermodal freight hubs, HoistCam can be installed on the very top of any tower to get a bird’s eye view, or install it at any location on the site so that you can have a look what’s happening over there.


6a01157071ef71970c0133f40be825970bTransportation & Logistics

Being in the business of transportation and logistics means direct dealing with the heavy duty machines and different types of cranes to load and unload the cargo. Having a HoistCam installed on the hook block, on the jib, on the top of the boom, or on the rear section of the crane gives the crane operator a view that allows him to see how things are going. This increases the productivity of crane operator while enhancing the overall security.



Dealing in marine business? HoistCam can help you keep an eye over the places where the human eye can’t see. Get HoistCam installed and have a view of any location right on your screen.  HoistCam camera models also have ignition protection rating and Day/Night vision capabilities as well. All of our HoistCams are easy-to-install and weatherproof.




Netarus is a prominent leader in the business of engineering and manufacturing HoistCam platforms for various industries. Let us know how we can suffice your need. We’d work to create custom-made applications that you can use seamlessly, or can integrate with your existing business.



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