Real-time Jobsite Information to Increase Productivity

Chris Machut

Netarus specializes in designing situational awareness platforms for industrial facilities and heavy equipment such as cranes and marine vessels. Netarus engineers and manufactures platforms for some of the most demanding environments and locations. Servicing the community for over a decade, Netarus continues to provide innovative solutions for the internet-of-things and big data and offers significant experience in engineering, manufacturing and integrating platforms for commercial, industrial and government organizations.

Netarus manufactures and sells industrial-grade video monitoring solutions, HoistCam in particular, which improves employee productivity and workplace safety. HoistCam, a rapidly deployable wireless camera system, places the eyes of the crane operator anywhere on the job. The HoistCam platform suite provides optional remote monitoring, recording and management analytics reporting to operators and site supervisors. In addition, the HoistCam Director enables construction owners and managers to remotely monitor an entire job site via HoistCam, SiteCam and other cameras or drones. By capturing data from integrated sensors, the software provides GPS recording, geo-fencing, and searchable archives of recordings.

Providing a centralized monitoring point, HoistCam Director is more than just a one-way camera system. A fully integrated system allows construction owners and general contractors to view and manage hundreds of job sites or equipment operations, improving productivity and safety.

Among the benefits for project managers is the ability to align written assignments with current real-time visual comparisons of the job progression. They can also collaboratively manage work flow and share information within the organization or with various sub-contractors. Operations managers or CEOs can increase productivity and profits by deploying or re-deploying personnel or equipment assets based on real-time needs. Risk managers can quickly assess operations to reduce opportunities for accidents or retrieve archived data following an accident for efficient incident investigation. In addition, certain insurance carriers may provide premium discounts to contractors who use HoistCam Director to capture critical activity on the job site.

HoistCam Director transfers video and images to a mobile digital video recorder (MDVR), which captures and stores data from up to eight HoistCam cameras. The MDVR can be configured to automatically upload to the cloud for analysis or archive.

“Aside from actually witnessing a particular activity in progress, knowing when materials arrive from a supplier or when mission-critical tasks are being completed on site can greatly increase our management team’s ability to track construction progress on any given project from any location,” said Geoff Bean, virtual construction coordinator for W.M. Jordan Company, which participated in the beta testing of HoistCam Director. W.M. Jordan Company is a regional general contractor serving Virginia and the Carolinas. The company is regularly ranked on Engineering News Record’s Top 400 Contractors list. While HoistCam Director is ideal for construction job sites, it also has application in heavy industry and manufacturing where overhead cranes are used or in maritime logistics operations.

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HoistCam is a trademark of Netarus.

This article is also featured in Concrete Business Daily during World of Concrete 2017 – January 2017.

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