HoistCam by Netarus Announces Ingo Schiller as CEO

Headshot of Ingo Schiller, newly appointed fractional CEO of Netarus, LLC, leading innovations in crane safety technology.

April 8, 2023, Norfolk, VA—Netarus LLC, a leader in hook-mounted cameras with its HoistCam product line for the crane, lifting and heavy equipment industries, is pleased to announce the appointment of Ingo Schiller as its new fractional Chief Executive Officer, effective 1 April 2024. Ingo brings a wealth of experience from his long career in the crane and lifting sector, exceptionally positioning him to steer HoistCam towards its future objectives with expanded offerings.

Christopher Machut, CEO since 2018, will embark on a new venture within the company, leading the development and expansion of the SiteTrax products. This expansion will fill a growing need for intermodal asset tracking using AI-powered visual recognition technology. Chris expressed enthusiasm for his new role stating, “Creating this new division is a thrilling opportunity for Netarus to deliver even greater value to our customers and stakeholders. With Ingo filling this role I am confident about Netarus’ future and excited to focus my energies on this venture.”

“Under Chris’ leadership, Hoistcam has achieved impressive achievements, such as the development of a product line currently found on job sites across six continents, with thousands of installations in operation. Looking ahead, our vision is to broaden HoistCam’s adoption across an array of industries beyond the boundaries of construction alone. We’re determined to make HoistCam the preferred operator aid, to set new benchmarks for job site safety, quality, and efficiency. Our goals are clear: to empower crane operators, improve workflows, and drive productivity gains.” said Ingo

Ingo stated, “It’s been great getting to know the HoistCam team as an advisor, and now I’m excited to step up as CEO. I’m looking forward to building on what Chris has done and working with this talented group to keep moving us forward.”

The board and the entire Netarus team are excited about the future of the company under Ingo’s leadership, as well as the potential of the new division to significantly contribute to the company’s growth.

About Netarus:
Netarus, based in Norfolk, VA, the parent company of HoistCam, is at the forefront of engineering, designing, and manufacturing innovative hardware and software aimed at bolstering safety and enhancing productivity across the heavy lifting and logistics supply chain. The company’s solutions have a demonstrated history of reducing operational stress and elevating safety for material handling equipment, as well as amplifying the efficiency of both operational teams and administrative functions. Netarus provides a spectrum of solutions ranging from ready-to-deploy, out-of-the-box systems to comprehensive “white glove” services. These services include the design, development, and deployment of custom applications, ensuring a full-service experience from inception to execution.

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