HoistCam™ by Netarus was a Hit at the World’s Largest Trade Fair in Munich, Germany

The HoistCam team took to Munich’s massive Messe München Trade Fair Center, with 18 halls of exhibitors, to share their innovative technology with the world.

The HoistCam™ team has returned from the world’s largest trade fair in Munich, Germany, where they demonstrated their revolutionary technology, which provides safety and productivity solutions to a wide range of industries. The group attended Bauma 2022, the world’s leading trade fair for construction machinery, building material machines, mining machines, construction vehicles, and construction equipment, which was held at the Messe München Trade Fair Center from October 24 to 30, 2022.

Attendance at the triennial Bauma trade show has returned to near-pre-pandemic levels. With over 495,000 visitors, the international equipment event featured a diverse range of equipment makers, including major names and up-and-coming startups. At this massive trade show, all the key players were represented, from new power configurations to batteries to heavy equipment spare parts. HoistCam was thrilled to be a part of such an important and enormous trade show.

According to Greg Lanese, VP of Business Development, “HoistCam put on a great live showing of our new HD product line at our booth in the American pavilion, as well as with a live demo unit positioned with our friends at SAEZ Cranes. The feedback was very positive as post-COVID safety concerns appear to have become more commonplace. Personally, for a first-timer, it was quite the experience. All the major players in the world are in one place. Even with a full week, there is not enough time to see and meet everyone we hope to, nevertheless it was incredibly productive for me as we work to develop our global dealer network.”

John Craig, Operations Manager, noted that “Bauma 2022 was a true feat of logistics and a master class in event hosting. The hospitality shown by the team and the people of Munich were second to none. This was a great environment to connect with important players in the industry and we look forward to attending the next one.” 

What is HoistCam, and Why Take Part in Bauma?

HoistCam is a wireless camera system that provides a material handling operator with a direct video feed from anywhere on a job site. It is high definition (HD), rugged, adaptable, and quickly deployable. HoistCam can be attached to any surface with magnets and a safety lanyard and installed on any heavy equipment, such as a crane, in seconds.

Highlights from Bauma

While a tradeshow of this size and scope can be long and overwhelming, it is also a fantastic opportunity to meet other industry professionals and introduce the HoistCam to a global audience. With all the big players in the space in attendance, the team at HoistCam was able to play a role in the trade fair and came away with some insights, inspiration, and motivation to continue promoting this innovative technology that provides solutions to an array of issues.

One of the key benefits of attending Bauma was HoistCam’s collaboration with Spanish crane manufacturer The Sáez Group. The Sáez Group has earned its stripes in the world of tower crane manufacturing. For over 55 years, it has been a pioneer in the industry, consistently designing and manufacturing dependable, high-quality machines. A HoistCam was mounted on a Sáez Group crane outside the exhibition hall for the duration of the show, with the video feed streaming live into the HoistCam booth inside the hall.

 This incredible collaboration produced a one-of-a-kind live demonstration. Similarly, the exposure it provided the HoistCam team to the crane space was incredible. Visitors to the booth were able to see firsthand how this user-friendly innovation is not only quick to deploy but also a huge help in mitigating risk with blind and distant lifts.

Top Take-Aways from Bauma

Bauma participants can quickly become saturated with 18 exhibit halls, thousands of companies on hand, and seven full days of exhibiting. Nonetheless, this is a fantastic industry gathering that is an annual highlight, and the HoistCam team came away with a slew of positives.

They not only presented HoistCam to a large audience and had a lot of traffic to their booth and demo with Sáez, but they also had some great meetings and social gatherings, learned a lot about the business, and discovered some benefits about HoistCam that they had not considered before going to Bauma.

Although it’s easy to be overwhelmed by the sheer size and scope of Bauma, the HoistCam team was able to personalize the occasion, meet many people and partners, and share their state-of-the-art technology with new audiences, all while taking stock of the industry’s direction, where HoistCam fits in, and where it will go from there. Overall, it was a truly uplifting experience for HoistCam.