HoistCam’s Dynamic Year in Review – Embracing Innovation and Achieving Milestones in 2023

With the close of 2023 and an exciting new year on the horizon, the team at HoistCam reviews the year and gazes forward to the prospects of 2024.

In a retrospective glance at HoistCam’s journey through 2023, the company is concluding the year on a positive trajectory. Renowned as an industry pioneer, HoistCam’s HD technology surpasses expectations, delivering on exceptional performance and reliability, making it a standout operator’s solution for live high-quality video monitoring in numerous industries. These innovations have contributed to HoistCam’s most productive and successful year.

Throughout 2023, a particularly optimistic transformation has taken shape within the industry, marked by shifts in labor practices and a growing openness to adopting camera systems and technology. The recognition of the associated benefits has cultivated a newfound willingness to embrace new advancements. Moreover, it was exciting to see as HoistCam customers explored expanded applications associated with the growth in industrial, construction, maritime, and logistics industries.

For HoistCam, 2023 was filled with exceptional moments and events. Notably, the HoistCam team participated in several major conferences and exhibitions, including a triumphant return to the NSC Safety Conference in New Orleans.

Equally important, HoistCam also experienced an expansion in its dealer network, welcoming new dealers in the Western South-Central United States. Additionally, the company witnessed growth in foreign markets, with the addition of dealers in Europe.

“Reflecting on this remarkable year for HoistCam, our entry into new markets abroad has not only broadened our global footprint but also exemplifies the universal demand for our cutting-edge technology. As the VP of Business Development, witnessing the seamless integration of our high-definition HoistCam technology into diverse industries has been truly gratifying. HoistCam has found its groove this year, and our HD solutions are exceeding expectations, showcasing the exceptional impact our innovation is making worldwide,” shared Greg Lanese, VP of Business Development.

Embracing the numerous successes in 2023, the HoistCam team is poised to carry this positive momentum into 2024. The anticipation is heightened as clients, now utilizing first and second-generation systems in the field, are returning for additional solutions. With a steadfast team and state-of-the-art technology in place, HoistCam is well-prepared to launch into the new year, eager to explore the opportunities 2024 holds for them.