HoistCam Factsheet on Industrial Grade Monitoring Solution Factsheet by Purdue University

Chris Machut

Purdue Emerging Construction Technologies

Purdue University’s Construction Engineering & Management creates factsheet about Netarus’ HoistCam.

Abstract (from Purdue)
Safety and productivity are top priorities for contractors and industrial operations. Improving either makes a company more profitable and competitive. Technology advancements that can do both are important for every company to consider. HoistCamTM industrial-grade video monitoring solutions can improve employees’ productivity and workplace safety in the construction industries. HoistCam also improves efficiency of operations and reduces job site accidents resulting in substantial cost savings to a contractor.

HoistCam™ is an integrated, wireless video system. The use of HoistCam eliminates blind lifts, blind spots and can share the live video with anyone, anywhere with solid security and easy control.

Read more about the factsheet at http://docs.lib.purdue.edu/ectfs/227/.

Download the entire factsheet here.