HoistCam Featured as Game Changer for Safety in Overhead Crane and Hoist Magazine

HoistCam was featured as a special report in May/June 2013 edition of Overhead Crane & Hoist magazine as the publications “Game Changer.” The article features statistics from OSHA regulators, commentary from Netarus and, more importantly, feedback from HoistCam™ customers. The pictures from the article depict the HoistCam installed as a camera on a tower crane at a construction site. A downloadable … Read More

HoistCam Case Study – Blind Lift Inside Hull of Cargo Ship

Measurable Results: 60% Improved Efficiency 90% Safety Rating No Serious Accidents Virtually Instant ROI The following case study is an example of how the HoistCam camera system for cranes can be used virtually anywhere in the shipyard.  The customer in this case study achieved an incredible 60% increase in efficiency of unloading the cargo from the vessel.  In addition, the … Read More

Video of HoistCam on a Tower Crane from the Ground

Here is the latest video from Netarus, which shows a HoistCam attached directly to the hook block of a crane.  The video depicts a HoistCam from the view of the ground.  The HoistCam is attached to the hook block with magnets, and the operator is at the top of the tower crane. Video of HoistCam from the Ground